Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm Behind

Oh boy. I owe you some highlights from yesterday AND today!

Thursday's highlights:

  • I spent most of the day working on 2 different quilts and snuggled in blankets and baby dog. 
  • Corwin and I had an impromptu date and met a couple of friends later in the evening...wonderful company :)
  • I can't remember my third :(

Friday highlights:
  • I was finally able to change my name at the bank finally!! I can now (ok, when I get the new card) sign receipts as Mrs. F.
  • I subbed as a tutor for a friend and it was so nice to have something to do in the morning. In the end though, it really threw off my day! 
  • While not something that made me happy, it is something that makes me feel thankful...I had some wheat/gluten this evening and CLEARLY remember why I decided to obey Dr.'s orders and stay away from it. My did it have a way of ruining the night :( No more for this gal!
Happy Friday! 


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