Monday, October 6, 2014

Game On

Happy Monday!

Today I started to sift through some of our photos from the last several months and upload them. I was amazed by some of the shots! This was probably a good idea for today since I've continued to run a low-grade fever with its various accessories such as chills and fatigue. Not terribly fun...especially if it prevents us from camping this weekend.

My Monday Highlights:
  1. Discovering the picture of how awesome my hair looked on my wedding day.  It turned out better than I'd ever expected!  
  2. It has been amazing to go  through the photos I had others take with our camera before our wedding. So many moments were caught! In particular, our assigned photographer managed to catch several of our guests opening their gifts at the rehearsal dinner. These moments I missed and so had wished I'd been able to experience. Thank you for capturing them!
  3. Its Seahawks game day! I've been finding myself more interested in football and am excited to watch the game this evening with my love and some good friends!  

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