Thursday, October 23, 2014


I accidentally started working on my Farmer's Wife Quilt tonight.  I have been collecting bits and pieces (aka fat quarters and quarter yards) of this fabric all summer. I'm still searching for the hedgehogs and rabbits but tonight I decided to start cutting!

I also managed to get tons of stuff done for the party Saturday and picked up pumpkins for the carving party tomorrow.


  1. I'm incredibly grateful for our friends that we have made here in Washington.
  2. I love that my husband knows why we do not buy the Kraft Spongebob shapes. Why you might ask? There are too many legs and arms on the characters and they fall off to easily. Trust me. 
  3. I am thankful for the ability to spend extra time with the best dog ever...although last night I had to share him with a small mini Dachshund. 

Tomorrow is the pumpkin carving party!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Few Quick Snippets

You guys!!

I'm so excited for this weekend. Friday we're going to a pumpkin carving party (yeah... we still need pumpkins!) and Saturday is our murder mystery dinner party! I can't wait to show you guys pictures of what I make for our dish for Friday and of course I'll show pictures and tons of bits of the mystery party.

A few highlights:

  1. I am really enjoying working on the murder mystery party.
  2. I had 2 awesome Goodwill trips to pick up mismatched china trip was more than I'd wanted to spend but I couldn't pass them up!
  3. We went to a wedding this past weekend and it was so cute hearing how much people thought we were perfect for each other. We also had a great time at one of our favorite places in Olympia after the wedding. 
  4. I found 2 great jobs to apply for and cross my fingers that I get some good news.
  5. I have the best husband ever.
Will be back soon!


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hi all!

This past week has been interesting to say the least. I had to take a break from posting since I was becoming stressed about posts. I created this space to not be a place to stress about. I am putting several interventions into place for this week to try to alleviate the stress...

Over the past week I finished a ton of projects. I completed a set of burp clothes and bibs for a friend of ours' little kiddo. I am also finishing a car seat quilt for her, similar to this one. It's been so fun! I really experimented with my quilting patterns (which wasn't too bad considering it was a smaller scale project!) and had a blast!

My Printemps quilt top is pieced and simply waiting for an inner and outer border. I'm on my last step of a friends gift quilt piecing and am so anxious to see how it turns out...currently its a major mystery to me!

I've also done some research into different sewing machines. There are too many out there though and I feel I may need to do some more work to narrow down exactly what I want and need from a machine!

I finished up and sent out the invites for the dinner party and can't wait to see how it will all come together! We've decided on all family members Christmas gifts and I am going to get working on many of them next week. This week is solely devoted to house cleaning, party prep and CURRENT projects. I am finally finally starting to feel better from almost a month of being under the weather...I dislike what the change in seasons does to me.

This was a bit of a rambler but back to normal tomorrow...hopefully :)


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello Saturday!

Today was an amazing day! I love Saturdays with my love :)

-Olympia Farmers Market. I didn't find what I was looking for but had an awesome time walking around. 
-Two quilt shops visited with Mr. F. I'm SO lucky he'll come with me :)
-We found a cute place to eat in Olympia and had a great lunch...which for me was soup. 

Today had more than three highlights and I'll try to recap more tomorrow. Ahh, such a GREAT day!


Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm Behind

Oh boy. I owe you some highlights from yesterday AND today!

Thursday's highlights:

  • I spent most of the day working on 2 different quilts and snuggled in blankets and baby dog. 
  • Corwin and I had an impromptu date and met a couple of friends later in the evening...wonderful company :)
  • I can't remember my third :(

Friday highlights:
  • I was finally able to change my name at the bank finally!! I can now (ok, when I get the new card) sign receipts as Mrs. F.
  • I subbed as a tutor for a friend and it was so nice to have something to do in the morning. In the end though, it really threw off my day! 
  • While not something that made me happy, it is something that makes me feel thankful...I had some wheat/gluten this evening and CLEARLY remember why I decided to obey Dr.'s orders and stay away from it. My did it have a way of ruining the night :( No more for this gal!
Happy Friday! 


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

R & R

Today I spent most of the time on the couch, downed by infection and general uncomfortableness. I did manage to get the kitchen and all the laundry tackled. I tried to work on a quilt for a family member but again got so frustrated I quit.

Wednesday's Highlights:

  • I was able to get almost all of the supplies needed for the table and serving for our dinner party. Seems little but having not had something to look forward to since our wedding, its nice to have something to plan!
  • I did some work on my Printemps quilt. Initially, I sewed crazily and needed to undo all my seams and start over...which meant I get to spend more time with it :)
  • One of the best feelings in the world, a shower before bed, shaved legs, and clean sheets. Its a recipe for an AMAZING night sleep!

What I Ate Wednesday

Good Morning!

I've decided to start participating in What I Ate Wednesday through one of the blogs I've been following for a while. It's great, check out Peas and Crayons! She posts some great veggie-lovin recipes :)

What I Ate Wednesdays will give me some time to reflect on what I've eaten in a day, week, month, or longer. It will also give you a glimpse of what we eat around here.

Breakfast: Blueberry Protein Smoothie

  • (It always looks much better than it tastes, unfortunately!)

 Lunch: Turkey Taco Salad with Ruffles

  • I took some of our leftover turkey taco meat, added some lettuce, cheese and sour cream and it was AMAZING! Plus, it did not include that pesky tortilla that has catatonic effects for me.

Dinner: Beef Pot Roast
  • Yes, I forgot to take a photo of it when we ate it. Yes, this is from this morning. Yes, it came right from the fridge so it looks far less appetizing that it was at the time we enjoyed it.
  • I'd love to say it was homemade but alas, after fixing the Jetta all evening yesterday, we pulled the Costco find from the fridge and stuck it into the microwave. 

Hopefully, I'll get better at food pictures soon and our meals will get prettier!


Go check out some of the other bloggers who participate in What I Ate Wednesday!